Part 1
Salvador is a shy boy who has difficulty in establishing relationships with others. Aware of this problem, his parents ask for the school psychologist’s help. 
After several sessions, Salvador shows some openness and, knowing there are multiple Erasmus+ projects in his school, he decides to follow his psychologist’s advice and show interest for one of the projects. 
He goes to the room where Miss Ana (one of his teachers) is.

Salvador (shy, peeking through the door):
Good-afternoon, Miss. I am sorry for the inconvenience but I would like to know how to enroll in an Erasmus+ project.

Miss Ana (sitting at the desk with a big smile on her face):
Hello, Salvador. Please come in and sit down. (she points to a chair in front of her). So… do you already know any of the projects that we have at school?
Salvador (sits down):
My classmate John said he was participating in a project about bullying …  but I don’t quite remember the name.
Professora Ana:
Oh! That one is “Safe School- successful Students”. But tell me, why did you wait until now to enroll in a project?
Salvador (taking a deep breath):
Well, I was advised by the school psychologist because I am very shy and I have a hard time relating to others. When John told me about his trip to Turkey in that project and the friendships he made, I became curious. But I must confess I am very concerned because I don’t like crowds and I have never been away from my parents.

Professora Ana (sympathetic):
Maybe that is a good project for you to participate in and develop new skills. But first you should think it over and then write a motivation letter to let us know the reasons why you should be one of the students in this group. Besides, you must attend the club every week to participate in the project activities. It’s on Tuesdays, from quarter past two to three o’clock. I am counting on you next week to let you know all the details about the project. 
(They both get up and leave the room).

Part 2
In the afternoon on Tuesday, there is a class in which a project is happening. In the class are teachers Ana and Christopher and students John, Oliver, Olivia, Mia, George and Emily. All of them are standing around the table and quietly talking to each other. On the table is a paper with the word ‘’Friendship’’ written on it. And then suddenly, the door slowly opens and a boy Salvador comes in. In his hands is a paper with the motivation letter.
Teacher Ana (happily going towards Salvador): Come in, Salvador. We’re waiting for you. This is the teacher Christopher and they are the students who also are participating in this project, some of them you already know!
Salvador gives the teacher a letter:
This is the motivation letter.
Teacher Ana:
Thank you. You are welcome to join the other students.
John comes up to greet Salvador. The others follow John to also talk to Salvador.
Hey! We are currently working on a poster about friendship, come help us out!
All of the students go back to the table.
 We have to make a poster about friendship.
We have to write down how we understand the word ‘’Friendship’’.
I think that each one of us could write down something. I think friendship is understanding of each other, trust and sympathy against each other. (John takes a marker and writes that on the poster)
I think that friends don’t hide anything from each other.
Friendship is possible with any age, gender or health!
Friendship is forever! (She writes it on the poster with large letters)
Friendship day is the first Sunday of August.
Friendship is the comfort of knowing that even when you feel alone, you aren’t.
Teacher Christopher:
What about a picture?
Salvador: I
 could draw an emoji, I draw a lot at home.
Emily: Great idea!
All of the students are working on the poster.
Teacher Ana checks out the students drawing and text. Teacher Ana:
Looks great! Now it’s time to sing the projects anthem!
Part 3
The students met again on Tuesday the following week. Teacher Ana asked students if they have any ideas related to the anthem of the project.
John:I have an idea for the words of the anthem. Maybe: 
„Open your arms,
Look far away
Mia: Sounds great. 
Teacher Ana:Any other ideas?
What do you think about it?:
„Together we’ll build a world
With no walls
We’ll do it in company”.
Teacher Ana: Well done.
If you like it,  maybe we can continue with:
„Other people will follow us
We will ride high in the blu sky
Always we’ll sing
Of friendship”
Salwador, your idea is really motivating. I really like it.
Emboldened Salvador added:
I am a music school student, I play the guitar so I can prepare music for the anthem, if you agree…
Teacher Ana: I am very happy with your proposal, it would be great if we also had music.
Salwador: In that case, I will try to prepare a music proposal for our anthem for our next meeting.
Part 4
The whole group gathers in the classroom. El Salvador comes in with the guitar.
Teacher Ana:Good Afternoon. Salvador, I see that you have probably prepared the music for our anthem.
ExcitedSalwador:Yes, I composed a melody. Listen.
Sawador sits on a chair grabbing the guitar and plays his composition. The groupisdelighted.
Mia:This music grabs a heart. It is very rhythmical and catchy.
Teacher Ana:The music is really great. You've done great. Therefore, you should be rewarded. I want to announce that for your work for the project, whole group will take part in a project meeting organized by our partner school from Izmir.
The studentsjumped for joy.
SurprisedSalwador: Will I also go?
Teacher Ana:Yes, of course. You made great work, I really appreciate what you’ve done. You were very involved in our project and you fully deserved to participate in this meeting.
Salwador:Great. I am very happy this will be my first flight by plane. I'msoexcited!
Part 5
Salvador, his teachers and his classmates leave to the airport. He is so excited, he didn’t have an idea about how it feels: in a plane, between clouds. He is very curious about how will be, but he is also afraid of not making friends, of not being good enough for the others. 
Salvador: ‘’Wow, this is incredible… the clouds look like a carpet!”
John: “Come on, is your first time?”
Salvador: “YYYesss..ahhhh…”
John: “Calm down. Just kidding.”
Salvador: “John, do you think I’m gonna be able to… you know…”
John: “Know what?” 
Salvador: “BBBe able to make friends!”
John: “Of course, don’t worry;”
After a very short pause, John starts out laughing contemptuously.
John: “You will be a lonely loser!”
The time to take-off finally comes and in a few hours they arrive in Romania. The host families and the teachers are waiting for them with smiles on their faces, happy to meet them. The first children are talking to each other. Because it is still early, all of them go out into the town for a little walk. Salvador doesn’t talk to anyone till the evening...
Student talk:
David: “How are you?”
John: Fine. You?
David:How long was the flight? Did you have a stop?
George: Sure. Three hours.
Marta: “How about going to town? You certainly deserve some cake.”
All: “Now you’re talking!”
In the first day at school
Salvador likes Romania, but he feels he can’t accommodate in his new family. He is missing his parents a lot even if his hosts are very kind with him and try to make him feel like home. Being a very shy boy, Salvador doesn’t spend time with the other students. He is just staying alone on the school hall singing the song he has written.
Randomly, the teacher from Romania, Cornelia, hears him and says:
’’Salvador, your voice is so beautiful!”
’’Thank you, teacher. You’re only one who says this to me.”
’’Really!? It’s hard to belive this...Congrats! You know what? I think you should sing this song today, after you and your team present your project.”
’’Are you serious?’’
’’Of course I am. Everybody should hear your voice.’’
’’OK, I’ll try...’’
It’s time for Salvador and his team to present their project about their country. After that, Salvador has to sing his song. Because of the emotions, he can’t do it. The teacher encourages him by remembering him how beautiful his voice is. He is very scared, everybody is looking at him and doesn’t understand what’s happening, but in the following moment he manages to control his emotions and go out of his comfort zone.
He sings so beautifully, arousing admiration from the teachers and students. Everyone is very surprised by the beauty of his voice so all of them get up and applaud and acclaim him. He isn’t feeling scared anymore but proud of himself.
Part 6
Teacher Christopher: Salvador, would you like to teach the other students the music and the song you wrote?
Salvador tries to answer but no word comes out of his mouth.
Salvador’s thoughts from out of scene: Me…? Teaching students I do not know…? …I can hardly speak to people I know…
As Salvador is frozen with his mouth opened a girl from Turkey (Dilara) stands up and steps close to him.
Dilara: Don’t worry, We’ll do it in company!
Salvador looks at her, then turns to his teachers and then to the rest of teachers and students smiling.
Salvador: Ok, I’ll do it!
Teacher Ana gives Salvador and Dilara copies of music sheets with lyrics and the two students distribute them to the other students and teachers.
All the participants form a circle and Salvador seats with his guitar in the centre of it, Dilara standing at his side.
Salvador: One, two, three!
Salvador starts playing the music and everyone starts singing together.
Everyone applauds
Teacher Alexandra (from Germany): This was just AMAZING! I think we should record the song... What about recording it professionally during our next meeting in Germany?
Students smile and are excited, some of them clap their hands, some of them hold their hands and others hug each other. 
Teacher Mario (from Italy): Very good idea, Alexandra! We could translate parts of the song in each country’s language and keep the refrain in English, what do the other teachers say?
All the other teachers agree. While the teachers are talking to each other the students are seated in circle, Salvador and Dilara still standing in the middle of it. A boy from Italy, Giorgio, steps up, passes next to Salvador and Dilaraand hits them with his shoulder.
Giorgio: Auguri PICCIONCINI!
Giorgio walks out of the room and Vanessa, a girl half German and half Italian, steps up and follows him. Dilara does not understand what happened and Elisa from Italy explains it to her while Salvador, who understood what Giorgio meant, is frozen. 
Elisa: Giorgio meant that the two of you are a couple now, I’m sorry for his mean behaviour.
Dilara is about to cry.
Salvador: Don’t worry Dilara, it was just a joke, a mean one, but only a joke.
Dilara starts crying and Elisa hugs and confort her. After a few minutes Vanessa is back with Giorgio who looks ashamed and apologizes.
Giorgio: Sorry guys, that was not fun, I know. It just reminded me of how I lost my ex best friend to his new girlfriend, and I went mad.
Salvador and Dilara, still sobbing, hug Giorgio.
Salvador: It probably was not true friendship, Giò. But we, we can be great friends, all of us!