Dear Dragon,
Here are some directions about our wetlands.

We are the children of Ossa, and near our school is the lake Koroneia. It is near Thessaloniki and next to lake Volvi. You can find it easily. You will see two lakes side by side. The small one is ours.

Dear Dragon, we are the knights and the girl-knights from the Kingdom of Peace, in Liti, next to Thessaloniki. We have 2 lakes close to our kingdom, Koroneia and Volvi. As soon as you reach Koroneia, following the instructions that Ossa's children gave you, you have to go east and find the lake Volvi! You will easily distinguish it from its dark waters... You see, Volvi is bigger and deeper than Koroneia...

Hello from us too. We are the children fron the 4th kindergarten of N. Ionia in the citty of Volos. Not far from our school at about 50klm is the village Kanalia where the Lake of Karla is. It is a beutiful lake and everybody knows about it. You have to follow the road from Volos to Velestino and then you have to turn when you see the sign to Kanalia. We have made the map with the software Google Earth to help you. We are sure that you will find it easily. Have a nice trip..!!

Hi!!!We are the children from the 11th kindergarten of Edessa.The biggest lake around the area is Vegoritida lake.The closest village to the lake is Arnissa.Vegoritida lake is close to the national road between Edessa and Florina.On the way to Vegoritida lake from Edessa you can find another small lake, the Agra's lake.Vegoritida's distance of Edessa is 25km.Vegoritida lake is easy to find.Enjoy your trip!!!!

Hello from us too!we are living in Aliartos and we are studing at 2oKindergarten.we decide to visit and learn a lot of thinks aboyt limni Yliki.ITs aboyt 15 km from Aliartos to reach the lake. when you travel  at the National road  from Athina to Lamia you can see the beautiful lake .Yliki.The closest village to the lake called Akraifnio.write now we draw a map to hep you find 

Hello! We are the students of the 29th Kindergarten of Serres! Our lake is Kerkini. It is located 40 Km away from Serres. You will easily find it if you follow the signs. We are sure that you'll want to visit the lake again because you will be fascinated!Kerkini is an artificial lake. It is a dam of the river Strimonas

Dear Dragon, hi. We are the Knights and Dames of the Kingdom of Colors. As you remember we searched the river near our school, but we didn't find water or your things. We found mud, stones, sticks,thorns and rubbish. So, we think you should go to Tamassos Reservoir. It is about 9,4 Km from our school in Arediou. You can't miss it. It looks like a big whale from high in the sky.

Hello from the children of 7th Kindergarten of Ioannina. Our lake is Pamvotida. It is a big lake in our city, Ioannina. It's a beautifull lake and here live many animals and many plants.You will easily find it if you follow the road for our city. It is in the center of our city.

We are the children from Kindergarten Kentri, “the Kingdom of clean Sea”, which is near Ierapetra in Crete. From our school you follow the road towards Ierapetra and on the left side of the road you can see the fire brigade station and a yellow house. On the first junction you turn right and you follow the road that has many olive trees and greenhouses in both sides. At the end of the road you can see a big wall, which is the water dam. When you see a small church with a tree next to it inside the lake, you have reached the water dam of Bramiana. Good luck! 

Dear Dragon, we are children from the Kingdom of Smile and live in the beautiful Bulgarian city of Plovdiv! You will find it easy if you fly over the Aegean Sea to the north and after 780 km you will fly to Bulgaria! In our town flows the beautiful river Maritsa!

Hello! We are the children of the 4th Pylea Kindergarten in Thessaloniki. Our lake is the dam of Thermi. It is very close to our city and it is beautiful. Next to it there is a nice environmental park. He is away from our school about 15 (fifteen) kilometers. You will follow the road to Chalkidiki and after ten kilometers at the airport airbase you will turn right and you will follow the sign for Thermi.

Hello. We are the children from the 2nd Kindergarten N Moudania. Our lake is the lagoon of Agios Mamas near Agios Mamas in the region of Moudania. You will find it very easily. From our school, you will go to Thessaloniki's New Moudania National Road and you will meet it on your left hand shortly before Potidea

 Dear Dragon, we are the children of the 1st - 8th Kindergarten of Kastoria . You will find our lake easily! We are located in Greece in West Macedonia and the city of Kastoria.We are near Kozani ,Florina and Grevena. Our lake is called Lake of Kastoria or Orestiada and it is very beautiful!
It has a rich birdlife as there are more than 200 species of birds in the area. It is also very rich in fish and is considered the second richest lake in Greece. There are traces of permanent human settlements in the area since the Neolithic era. We are waiting for you!

Dear dragon, we are the dames and knights of the kingdom of Flowers. Our kingdom is in Panaitolio village, near Agrinio city and very close to Lake Trichonida (just a few kilometers from our kingdom). You will easily find our lake because it is the largest natural Lake in Greece! It’s so large that if you stand on the shore and look around, you will see only water touching the beautiful mountains! You will love it!!!!

Dear Dragon Kardenios, We are the children of the Castle of the Heart and we live in Kilkis city. Doirani lake is not far away from us. Fly with your wings to the north and you will see it. It's a magnificent lake. We love you very much, The children of 8th Kindergarten of Kilkis.

Dear Dragon we are the 24 children of the 6th Kindergarden of Aglantzia, Nicosia in Cyprus. Our lake is called Agios Georgios Lake of Athalassa Park. Athalassa National Forest Park is located in on the south-eastern edge of the city of Lefkosia (Nicosia), the capital city of Cyprus, only ten minutes fly from our school to the east. It is a very large park of 840 hectares with lakes, dam, botanical garden, nature trails and a centre of environmental information. The lakes attract many animals, birds, insects and amphibian such as turtles. The centre of environmental information has a botanical garden with many native species for further information about the park

Αγαπημένε μας Δράκε, εμείς τα παιδιά από το Βασίλειο του Ήλιου θέλουμε να σου πούμε ότι η δική μας λίμνη, η Λίμνη Πλαστήρα βρίσκεται στο νομό Καρδίτσας, σχεδόν στην καρδιά της Ελλάδας,  στο γεωγραφικό διαμέρισμα της Θεσσαλίας!!! Αν είσαι στη Μακεδονία πέταξε Νότια, αν είσαι στην Κρήτη πέταξε Βόρεια, Ανατολικά από τα βουνά της Πίνδου και Δυτικά από τον Όλυμπο!!! Μόλις δεις την "Ωραία Κοιμωμένη των Αγράφων" έχεις φτάσει!!!!!!

Dear Kardenie what are you doing? We are 10 children from the Kingdom of Chestnut and we want to let you know that ...Τhe Commerce is built on the eastern side of the homonymous mountain, almost hidden in a pine-covered mountainside. Arriving in the village you create the impression of an old historic village. In the center of the village is the stone-built church of Agios Minas. Around the village there are natural waterfalls formed by the waters that descend from the mountain. Those who love quiet vacations will love the Commerce - 1st Kindergarten of Mouriki.