You're welcome to answer any of the following questions in any order, or to add other questions.

1. If the Bible seems accurate, is it because, as Jonathan Gray said, there was advanced civilization before and after the flood which was the source of the Bible's info?

2. Do you think the Earth existed before the time the Bible says it was created?

3. What is the best physical evidence of Catastrophism?
a. Berthault's findings on sedimentation?
b. interbedding of lava and sedimentary rock in Washington etc?
c. Fisher's findings of the large crater on the east side of Africa?
- Can you name other evidence here that you think should be discussed? 

4. What's the best evidence that conventional dating methods are largely useless?
(Can you supply references sometime to specific pages of scientific papers? or links to same?)

5. Did you see Fisher's info about C14 dating of dinosaur bones, which dated them mostly between 20,000 and 30,000 years BP?
- Do you consider that very strong evidence that dinosaurs existed very recently?
- What's the most recent date that dinosaurs probably lived? And what's your reasoning?

6. Have you done any calculations to show that Fisher's theory is surely wrong that continental drift occurred almost entirely within a 26 hour period?
- If your idea is that continental drift took 5 months, as you interpret the Bible, the continents would have been moving apart at only about 1 mph or less. Fisher pointed out that fast motion of masses of rock against each other produces fluidization from friction, which reduces friction and allows them to move long distances, until the reduced friction finally slows them down enough to end fluidization, causing freezing instead, which increases friction rapidly. So that seems to suggest that the continents must have moved rapidly. Doesn't that seem at all reasonable?

7. Do you think it's possible that the apparent Asteroid Bombardment (matar) during the Great Flood was due to Earth crossing the Asteroid Belt? If not, what might preclude that?

8. How do you think the supercontinent formed on the Earth? Have you read Charles' theory?

9. Are the ancient maps good evidence of former advanced civilization?

10. Is it obvious that the Grand Canyon formed from dam breaks of the ancient lakes that previously existed north and east of the canyon? 
- Do you know how to calculate how soft the ground had to be in order for the canyon to erode so quickly and deeply?
- And do you know how to calculate how young the sediments had to be in order to be that soft?

11. What are promising ways to get the theory of Catastrophism widely accepted? 
- What audiences might be best targeted?
- Christians; Muslims; Jews; homeschool families; libertarians; Republicans; conservatives; private schools; specific places in social media; online conferences; online videos ...?

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*(k means thousand years ago)
1. (...k) Solar System Formation: Imploding nebular solar filament forms Sun & planets in a line O-A-J-S-H-V-M-E-D-U-N-P (O=Sun, D=Moon, A=Aster) (That's from CC's model & is consistent with Saturn Theory)
2. (15k) Supercontinent: DiMoon collides softly with Earth, making the supercontinent and the Moon (CC's model +(CC: I'm still going with an ET origin for the continental granites, but I doubt that it was so recently))
- flora & fauna cover the Earth in its ideal climate
- humans build advanced civilization (Gray's model)
3. (12k) Saturn Flare: Something in the Kuyper belt hit Saturn, causing it to flare (Saturn Theory +)
4. (6k) Asteroid Belt: Much later, something collides hard with Aster, making the Asteroid belt (CC model +)
5. (5k) Saturn system meets Jupiter, causing Earth, Mars, Venus, Moon & Mercury to drift away from Saturn (Saturn Theory)
6. (4.4k) Bombardment: Saturn's planets cross the Asteroid belt for 5 months (Bible + Saturn Theory)
- during which asteroids bombard Earth, Moon & Mars
- An asteroid hits Earth east of Africa, causing rapid continental slides (Fisher's model)
- Mountains build up at the beginning & end of the continental slides
- Vulcanism occurs when continents slow down & stop sliding (Gordon's + Fisher's ideas)
- Flood basalts occur in India, Siberia and Washington
-The great flood occurs, involving many tsunamis lasting 5 months (Bible + Gordon's idea)
7. (4.4k) The Ice Age begins during the bombardment and lasts a few hundred years afterward (Gray's model)
8. (4.3k) Maps: Humans make new maps and inherit old ones of the world before and after the ice age began
- civilization begins to rebuild (Gray's model)
9. (4.2k) Canyons: Natural dam breaks cause floods that erode the Washington scablands and the Grand Canyon (maybe Gordon's model + Walter Brown's model)

(11/8) The idea I've been discussing today is that the Bible says the flood lasted 5 months and Gordon says matar, or meteors, were raining down the whole time.
-So putting that with Saturn Theory, it sounds like Earth may have been going through the Asteroid belt at that time.
18:52Lloyd: [I'm talking about] the Shock Dynamics event and what Gordon was saying about meteor impacts during the flood. I'm actually combining a number of theories: [CC's], Gordon's, Saturn Theory, Fisher's, Gray's, Walter Brown's
CC: You're going with a "Young Earth" timeline. Very little of the work that I've done so far identifies the duration of the events in question. I'm starting to get an idea of how long it takes for dusty plasma filaments to implode, and for main sequence stars to form, and for toroidal plasmoids (a.k.a., natural tokamaks) to form. But I don't have any timeframe for geologic processes -- they could be fast or slow, but either way, the same things would occur in the same order.
What is the reason for going with a "Young Earth" chronology? There has to be a reason.
LK: I've been posting on the Cataclysm thread in order to show that the conventional dating methods are way off. C14 dating seems to be most accurate and it dates many things way younger and if there was a thick damp atmosphere there may have been no C14 initially, which would make older C14 dates off too.
CC: OK -- I'm not disagreeing, but I'd like to see the for's and against's for this.
LK: That's what I've been putting up on that thread, which I can organize and discuss here sometime. 
LK: Do you think it would be interesting to critique Shock Dynamics here?
CC: yes, I think that this would be worthwhile.

I like your idea about planets repelling each other's positive charges.
CC: Yes -- the planets' electrostatic repulsion of Debye cells explains Bode's Law perfectly.