Modello: Internet Internet √© completamente falso   
Trama:  La maggior parte degli esseri umani ora determinati su Internet  avrebbero ampliato la portata della culturalizzazione qui e into . 
Part 1 - Introduction: Start with personal experience of early internet and reference internet history. 
The  internet has changed drastically in a very short period of time. It  once was a wild untamed place, but over the last two decades it has  been, uh, in lack of better terms "normie-ized." The internet became  something "they" didn't control, and they have gone to a great deal of  trouble to control it, and they now do. Bots are a BIG part of it.  Mutliplatform shills are another.
So,  reddit, i never got into "website nationalism" so I still go there  every now and then, but that place is ripe with bots (and shills,  obviously). There was a post on the conspiracy subreddit, where the guy  went to the politics subreddit and pmed links to a multitude of users  saying "this link will record your IP address, don't click it" with a  link that recorded their IP address while also recording how quickly  they clicked the link. He said around 80% of users clicked the link  within nanoseconds of him sending the PM, those users would then respond  minutes later saying something like "you wont get my IP lying asshole."  There were of course normal users who just responded "lol wat" and  never clicked the link. Anyone who has ever gone to a default sub on  plebbit will know, there's about 1 honest user per 10 bots and 2  shills. 
(I  was a moderator of huge subreddits. I remember the exact time and date  when the shillbots took over reddit. It was midnight Dec 31 2012.  America had passed a law allo1wing military propaganda on its own  citizens. Literally over night it went from the usual trickle of paid  shills and spam, to aq1n absolute flood of returned soldiers meeting their  dogs, and military wives proud of their men and soldiers doing silly  dances. it never stopped after that, only got more sophisitcated. The  only other time that felt similar was Eternal September.)
The  rest of the internet isn't any better. There's no pm system on 4chan,  so we can't know for sure, but having bashed my head against 4/pol/  these last few months, normal users are a dime a dozen. Even the discord  users there to make a mess intentionally (unpaid shills) stand out  because they're actual people. 
In  the beginning, the internet was only for people that knew how to use it  and were able to afford it. So you ended up with a lot of people with  some knowledge of value. 
After that, social media kicked in, people now have cellphones, it is easier and cheaper to get online and normies take over everything. Perhaps trying to be the cool kids, ndermined the value and quality of posts and internet.  
Part 2 - The Problem: Outline the basics of what appears to be happening. 
As I see it is due to a "positive feedback loop" 
 Blame facebook and twitter all you want, Those are culprits, but not the main ones.
In  the internet is too fast to get info, and info is what moves the mind,  the thing is, the mind likes recognition, when the "likes" were  introduced without negative feedback they created a copy-feedback  subconcious, they made it so only "positive" opinions be propagated  (also accepted), and in it's way negative opinions to be obsolete.. 
Now  everyone is a coward to have an opinion so they copy others they like,  they are more likely to follow trends and say what others said, you can  also see it with the paranoia of always wanting to listen to experts. 
The  fast feedback system of the net created an human obsession to be in  trends, getting away of it makes it so you always feel like you are  missing out, to play it safe in trends is more easy to copy what already  is accepted, and at one point is faster to get info in than out of a  person, everyone follows opinions faster. 
Info  out is where places like this work, anons create more opinions than any  others, more new content was created here due to anonymity as  protection against a positive feedback, this place lets us start anew  every post so we create more opinions. 
I  believe google is one of those that makes bots, after all they work  like a search engine, where they get the most accepted content first, Is  the same as doing an ad. 
Part 3 - Why is This Happening?: Explain who/what appears to be behind this and how they generate revenue. Show evidence. 
Algorithms.  Use Elsagate to show how prevalent we already know this problem is.  Algorithms can force certain trends, sometimes random drift from AI,  sometimes deliberate pressure from those in charge of ad companies and  social media and large content publishers. Human content creators try to  pander to the algorithm instead of making quality content. 
Experiments  on reddit proving Amazon shill posters. Catching bots on 4chan. Use  user/bot networks to gather data, force trends, sell products, silence  dissent, essentially anything they want to. 
By controlling a fake public consciousness, you control culture and can then enact whatever you want. 
Corporations and governments can use this for profiteering and supressing dissent. 
Evidence that Chinese government may create teams of shills to influence American culture. 
Part 4 - How Are They Doing it?: Semi-tehnical description of how botnets are used. 
I've  been here long enough to remember the days before the captcha and I  always have a pang of nostalgia for that lost little bit of extra  freedom and ease, but if anyone else here was around back then, you'll  likely remember how frequently the site was overrun by rogue bots. It  literally made 4chan unusable for days at a time. 
Does  anyone remember the clockwork orange bot? It's the one I particularly  remember, and which (if I recall) may have ushered in the era of the  captcha. 
For  those who don't remember it, what happened was that a particular still  of Alex from A Clockwork Orange holding his head and screaming (NOT the  famous scene where he's in the strait jacket with his eyes held open)  started to get posted without any text in random threads. It looked like  a standard memey reaction image at first, but then it started to get  posted an excessive amount: multiple posts in a row of this image, then  new threads started with the image. And to get around the script that  blocks multiple posts of the same image, the picture changed colour  slightly each time it was posted. 
Within  a day or two, /b/ was almost nothing but empty-text posts of  differently-tinted images of this picture. I think (and I can't remember  for sure, but this is how I recall it) that moot shut down the site  completely for maintenance and when it came back online he'd installed  the captcha 'as a temporary fix'. 
An easy way for bots to get past captchas is for someone to set up a system for feeding captchas to humans at another location. 
Mr  Shill wants to get his bot to post on /pol/, but the bot can't get past  the captcha. Mr Shill implements a piece of software that triggers  every time his bot tries to post. The software takes the captcha image  that his bot is trying to solve and feeds it into a 'fake' captcha that  he has set up as a gatekeeper for a pornographic film download on a  different website. 
Jonny  Retard wants to download Ass Licking Trannies 23 and finds a link to  download it on Mr Shill's website (1080p WebRip aUtHeNtIc DoWnLoAd!!!).  He clicks the download button and a captcha pops up. He eagerly solves  the captcha. The text he has just typed in gets copied and used to solve  the captcha image on 4chan, thus allowing the bot to post.  
Jonny Retard is disappointed when Mr Shill's website tells him he must log in as a premium user to download this movie. 
Part  5 - The Effects: Describe the outcomes that we have seen so far in  culture, human psychology, etc. and where it might lead. 
The  real problem is that flesh-and-blood human beings have been directed by  an algorithm to act in a way that emulates bot behaviour. 
Realistically-animated people pretending to be real isn't necessary  when the algorithm can get real people to do its bidding. 
We  know for a fact that this happens because it's exactly what happened in  an obvious way in 'Elsagate'. More disturbing is how we might be seeing  algorithmic feedback loops encouraging content creators to create  certain types of pornography. 
Think  about it: porn used to be made by a big film company that had funding  to make films. The people in the company would come up with some stupid  idea for a film, call up some appropriate porn actors, shoot the damn  film and then try to sell it to people. 
Now,  increasingly (and this has really only happened in the last few years),  porn is created by independent users and posted online directly. They  do not have funding, and are not trying to simply make a quality film  that people will want to buy, but are trying to make something that will  trigger the algorithm, and thus generate revenue through networks of ad  revenue, data-farming, and/or micropayments.* 
What  happens when the algorithm drifts (having no human compunctions, no  understanding of morality or culture) towards increasingly bizarre and  extreme content? The human content creators who are trying to ride the  algorithm will respond to this change and alter their output to better  fit the algorithm and trigger the correct search terms and to trigger  the feed of links that bump content up search rankings. 
I'm not explaining this very well, but if you read the original big expos√© onElsagat e, you'll know what I'm talking about. 
*Video  games do this, too: notoriously. The business model used to be to make a  fun game that people would want to play, sell lots of copies. The  business model now is to make a game that keeps people playing. It  doesn't have to be fun, it just has to keep people playing. 
Part 6 - Conclusion: Summarise the key points of what we know, the consequences, and how we might respond. 
Internet may have slipped out of our control. Need to raise public awareness of this. 
Possible  solutions may be increased reliance on encrypted peer-to-peer  communication software, or using less centralised networks like the idea  of a p2p internet or 'meshnet'. 
Every  impulse in my brain is to basically say "I can't really wrap my head  around the ramifications of shit like this" as a copout for shrugging it  off. 
This  happens all the time. Major, world-shaking government secrets leak and  people turn their heads. Meanwhile, someone says nigger on Twitter and  it's headline news for the next month. 
And  I do it too. Tackling this stuff requires an obstinate determination to  stay focused on it and to not be afraid to sound like a schizo to most  normal people. 
There's  a pretty powerful impulse in us  which, when we hear something huge  that could change our view of  everything, rejects it to protect  ourselves. No-one wants to have their  whole world-view, which they've  built a life upon, blown apart.