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Do we want to start off OccupyPortland with a list of demands?

I suggest we have the same demands as Occupy Wall Street since those were voted on democratically but that we stay away from encampment or holding the city hostage to those demands.

I feel we should without any doubt have our message and demands match or closely resemble that of OccupyWallstreet. I think we need to try and get as many people as possible to show up and return that way Big Business and Gov realizes this is not just a small group of loonies.

I am not sure about the same demands - possibly something organic here will help build momentum?  Don't know if plans include encampment, not sure what is meant by holding the city hostage by the demands either.

I don't want to use "hostage" because we become terrorists and they can invoke patriot act.
Bingo. This should be an event to support Occupy Main Street. The problem right now is lack of media coverage/outright censorship.

So our real challenge is how to get our message out there, when we don't have have clear view on who we are, nor what we want - in the "our message" part of it.

Second Mark.

maybe we could translate the occupy wall  street demands into an html poll and allow people to rank the issues  based on which they feel are most important? though that wouldn't be  tamper proof...

There needs to be a way for us to submit our demands and upvote them.  I don't much about web design.

I think that these are things that can be solved once we get there.  In the tech world, we call this an open space unconference - when people get there, they can start organizing what demands might be.  It is hard to do, but the goal is to get people there and then get things organized.

Much of this event is about learning how to work together, and not depending on the government to solve the problems which is what gave them so much power in the first place. Groups have assembled at most occupy events to spreading awareness and education on alternative digital money. See http://operationbitcoin.org/portland/