Our collaborative story based on the painting "............................."

Anna lives in the countryside,  on the edge of the lake "du Der", in a big house. She lives with Théo,  her little brother and her parents. During the summer holidays,  Mathilde, their cousin, comes to their house. Anna loves her cousin  Mathilde and looks forward to the holidays, to see her.

One day the three of them were playing at the lake and looking for fossils and small fish. 
Ana_ Look at the little fish and the fossils that I caught! 
Matilde _ Oh! They are so tiny!

They look at the little fish and decide to put it back in the water because otherwise it will die. 
The fish makes "splash" and swims in the lake. 
Theo picks up pebbles and shells in his bucket with his shovel and puts them in his truck.
Ana and Mathilde decide to make a sand castle.

Kids spent great time in the fresh air... They building a castle with five huge towers from the sand and water. The castle was decorated with stones and shells. When Anna remembered a fun story from last summer...

... Kids were playing beside the edge of the lake, again, and building sand castles..... Suddenly, something splashed Mathilda - it was a little duck who flipped its wings! Mathilde, scared, stepped backwards, teetered and splashed in the lake becoming wet all over!!! 

But mom's voice interrupted that funny memory.She was calling from the house.
- Anna, Theo, Matilde ...lunch is ready!
Kids suddenly realized how hungry they were.Mom had made their favourite food.

Then the three children listened to a sound behind the reeds. They went to see what it was ... with great surprise they found out he was a wounded bird ... he had hit his wings. They took the bird to their house where the feather was tied , they gave it seeds and water. They also made a small house until it was good. After a couple of days the bird was fine and they let it  to return to the lake. They were so happy!