Hello , we are NASA workers from CEIP Mare Nostrum school in Ceuta, Spain. We are controlling the spaceship called "Greespakia". To control this mission, we make some questions. Can you help us answering them?. 
 1.- Are you OK?
I am fine, thanks. I am ok I guess.I'm not fine at all. 
I am fine, thank you.
We are fine, thank you.
  I am fine, thank you.
2.-What do you eat? I usually eat vegetables. I usually eat some meat and rice, I don't eat, I drink tea. And when I'm too hungry I just eat that bts content.  
 I usually eat meat, salad and sometimes pizza
 I ussualy eat meat and rice
 I usually eat pasta and fruit.
 I usually eat meat with potatos or with rice.
 I usually  eat meat, some vegetables or some fruit.
 I usually eat rice with meat
 I usually eat fruit or rice and meat.
 I eat kebab
 I usually eat meat whit rice
 We usually eat some rice and some potatoes.
3.-Are you comfortable?
Yes, we are
No, I'm not.
Yes, I am comfortable.
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am comfortable. 

4.- Can you jump?   
 Yes, you can jump but very little  
 Yes, we can and it is very funny.
5.- -How are the Stars?
A star is a gigant sphere of very hot and bught gas. The stars produced their own light and energy through a process called nuclear fusion.
I think, that stars are very big and hot. Stars are brightly shining but only in night.
They're beautiful and they look small.
Stars are beautiful and they are pretty big but actually they look small.They are shiny and bright 
Star is beautiful because galaxy is pretty.
They are beautiful and they are maybe small, I dont know.
They are beautiful and very hot.
They are brilliant and they shineStar is beautiful  
They are big, beautiful and very hot.
Star is beautiful 
Stars are big and very nice.
6.-Can you see Aliens?
No, I can't see Aliens.
No, we can't but we wish.
I never see aliens just in my dreams or I think everythink from creatures from the space is hiden in AREA-51.
Of course i can't see them. because they are hiding in AREA-51
 We don`t know because, if the aliens are molecules or invisible? There`s not a experiment can prove that.
Yes, I can see aliens maybe in my dreams.
Sure, I can see them,.
No, I can´t.
Yes, but only in my dreams.
Yes, I can see aliens in my dreams or maybe they exist, who know. 
No,I can not
7.- Is it cold in the Space?
Yes, in space is cold. 
Yes, because space is big.
Yes, it is very cold but we are wearing a special suit and we are not cold.
Yes. In space is very cold.
8.-How does the Space smell?
I dont know, maybe like gas.
Space hasn't got smell.
We are wearig helmets and we don't know how it smells.
I think that in space smell normal. 
I don´t know because in the space isn´t oxigen so we need oxigen mask and if we put the mask down I cannot breath so... . But in the future maybe we can answer you. 
I think space smell like gass but i do not know answer on this question.
I think like an orange.
9.-How can you have a shower?
Normally, I just shower peasant
In space I  can have a shower maybe in space rocket.
Basic shower I can have.
Yes, we can use a bowl with water and we use a shampoo that does not rinse. 
 Yes we can 
 I just fo it
I use a device that pours water on your head because there is a gravitation.
I  just put water on my head.
We can use water and shampoo.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we can have a shower. We have a little bathroom in the spaceship.
10.- Is the time faster in the space than in the Earth?
No, because the time in space to go slower tha n on Earth, as it travels at the speed of light.
No, it isn't.
11.- Can you see the eTwinning constelation?
We have seen a new constelation and we have named it eTwinning constelation.
No Aries, Tauro y Leo.
12.- Can you fly in the Space?
No, we can't fly but when we go out we do like if we were flying.
13.- How big is the moon?
 1737,1 km
14.- What color is the Space?
There are many colours, blue, yellow, red, grey, black....It is multicolor.
15.- Can you have fun in the Moon?
Yes, travelling around the space is very funny.
16.- How big ar the stars?
The stars are very big. As big as the Sun.
17.- Is there water in the Moon?
No, there isn't. 
18.- Can you see a Meteorite?
Yes, we can see lots of Meteorites.
19.- How fast does a Meteorite go? 
 32000km / h 
20.-We have read the book "the taste of the Moon, and now we wonder: How does the Moon taste?  
Yes, we have read it and the Moon tastes like sweets. 
21.- How many stars are there in the Space?
There are millions and millions of stars. 
22.- Can you go to the toilet in the Space?
Yes, we can, we have a small toilet in the spaceship.
23.- Can you see the Earth from the Space?
Yes, we can. It is really nice.
24.- Can you see Saturn?
Yes, we can see it. In the spaceship you can see all the planets. 
25.- Where is Saturn?
 Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system counting for the sun 
26.- Are there living things in Mars?
No, there aren't. We didn't see living things in Mars.
27.- Can you see eTwinnio?
No, we can't. We have to go on looking for it.