What would you do to combate social discriminations in the the community you live?

Arijus Asačiovas

I would participate and support anti-rasisct community events, protests and programs, that will help people to deal with discrimination.

Lukas Lasys

I would gather families, people that are against social discrimination and think of ways how to stop discrimination in world and create social events to educate against discrimination.

Gabija Petrauskaitė

First of all i would gather groups of people to educational lessons about discrimination. I would asked them what do they think about it and what should we do to stop discrimination in world. 

Karolina Balčiūnaitė
We need to talk about problems and educate young people that everyone is diferrent. Not only we need to educate tem at schools, but also at home. 

Kamilė Nutautaitė
I would gather groups of people and have educational lessons with them about other cultures, religions and political beliefs so they could be more open - minded and more understanding about how people live in different countries and societies.
 Nerilė Vainoriūtė
 I would show this problem through art. I would love creat paintings about social discrimination and show these works in an exhibition.
 Helmina Tinterytė
 I would volunteer in such organisation where I could help for people who needs more help. Or try to share about the problem on the internet or school.

Konstantina Karabatsou
I would participate in social volunteering organisations so i can help weak and poor people.

Emilija Puščiūtė
I  would deepen my understanding of social inclusion and its different  aspects and then educate others about the importance of it. 

I would stand up for the weakest members of our society and I would try to convince people that everyone is equal in every society.

Aphrodite Economou
I would be active in activities fighting racism and discriminations and encourage others to support human rights too. 

Anastasia Katsou
I would help some organisations that occupe with these problems by raising money from them.

Maria Stathopoulou
I would try to raise awareness for their problems through programa and school actions

constantina tsintzira 
I would organise events in my  school such as bazaars , concerts or dances, so as to raise money for people who are in need in our society 

Alexis Papavasileiou
I would organise a concert to inform people about discriminations and diversity through arts

Marija Elijošiūtė
I think it is necessary for the children at school to get to know this problem first and there is no doubt that more volunteers are needed to help people in need.

Gabija Elijošiūtė
Encouraging people to fight racism.

Valerija Dušenko 
I would gather people who are not indifferent about what's happening and try to give as much help as sufferers need.