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Comparison  poems
The sun is yellow
The moon is white
The sun with his rays 
The moon with its light
The  golden sun and the silver moon
Shine in the sky for me and you
Landscapes or Portraits
We love them all
The darkness of night or the face of a girl
Both come from the Netherlands but use different styles
Abstract or real
We’ve seen it all
Dog is brave
Cat is shy
Dog is clumsy
Cat is clever
Dog likes water
Cat likes milk
Both of their furs feel like silk
The art is like a passion 
the love is life 
1 victim no,  0 victims
save  people means save the world
the heart is the earth
the sun is the moon
a dream is the real life
Aliona. Cat
I am as smart as a fox
You are as fast as a leopard
He is as strong as a bull
She is as tall as a giraffe
We are stronger together than alone
You are as big as a mountain
They are as good as ART
Together WE ARE ART
We are as brave as Marvel heroes
We are as fast as the light
We are as strong as Herculeum
We are as cute as puppies and kitten
Yellow is like the calm,
Red is as angry as orange.
Pink is as romantic as purpple,
Blue is like the sadness.
Green is as happy as brown,
All the colours are like the colorful rainbow!
by Theodora
A child is like a smile
the light
A child is like a dream
your life