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This is the LAUNCH PAD for the Online Share Fair of 3rd Annual Gathering of Online Community Enthusiasts meeting in Vancouver, BC - 12th of May 2011
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THIS ETHERPAD PAGE will be the launch pad and the chat will be the "official" backchannel.
Sign-ups for topics and facilitation are at the bottom of this page.
SHARE-FAIR Agenda (perpetually tentative)
Elluminate OCE Room (Plenary)
  • 1:00 p Introduction and welcome
  • Onsite Facilitator: John Smith
  • Event logistics review: broadcast & interaction, 
  • Platform & technology components
  • Fall-back positions
  • 1:10 p Morning Fish bowl report-out (format & conclusions) with Alice MacGillivray
  • 1:20 p Planning an online symposium to launch a community with with Linda Blong, Connie Silva-Broussard, George Triest, and Percy Young. 
  • 1:40 p Increasing participation by diversifying tools with LaDonna Coy and Susan Stewart: 
Elluminate - OCE Breakout 1
There is a separate MeetingWords page for this discussion
  • OCE Elluminate Breakout 1
  • 2:00 p Susan & La Donna
Elluminate - OCE Breakout 2
There is a separate meeting words page for this discussion
  • 2:00 p Sonoma County Educational SErvices district
Elluminate - OCE Gallery
  • 2:00 p Hosted by ; Topic: Open Space Gallery Walkabout
  • Onsite Facilitator: Paul Stacy
  • 2:30 p Hosted by TBD; Topic TBD
Elluminate OCE Room (Plenary)
  • 3:00 p Over the shoulder (Commitment Wall/Time Capsule and Wrap)
  • Onsite Facilitator: Paul Stacey
TOPICS to be scheduled into the breakout slots
  • Report-outs from morning f2f sessions...
  • Report-outs from Foundations Workshop projects 
  • Other topics