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Poemas haiku
Me despierto en casa
Tengo que lavarme la cara y comer
Hora de ir a la escuela
The nature is life
Friendship is more than sweetheart
Art is the both things
the natur is wise 
the natur is beautibull
but threes are alone
I feel very sad
I need to think about art
I look at paintings,I read books...
then I feel happier and
like smiles with art.
The sun and the wind 
the nature is all you think
you just have to see
Marina Catalonia
We  love our lives 
In a world so wide
And Europe is our strength 
 5B Pupils
 i look at the sky 
 and,with my soul suffering,
 it all disappears
We are the light
and truly bright we are
love joy no fight
by Thanasis
By Bill
beautiful project
children communicate
poetry is art