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Saved June 11, 2018
These brave and kind people try to protect rainforests, orangutans lives and their habitats. They
try to find ways to help the local communities. They are the heroes to the orangutans.
Safiya(Italy) This film is very interesting and it shows how the planet is becoming so damege.The deforestation is going to be dangerous for the enviroment and we have to work hard for the future of the world.
Some people were playing with some orangutans that they were orphans, because the palm oil company deforested al the jungle and the orangutans that were liviving there were orphans.
The volunteers have go in a boat, because there aren't roads, they palm oil companies destroys the forest. 
the palm oil companies desforest a lot of hectarys unlawfully to plant more oil palm trees and finally burn all of these trees.