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Saved Feb 11, 2012
Let's plan a great RecentChangesCamp (RCC) event in 2012, for the U.S.!
== Interested volunteers ==
* Pete Forsyth (based in SF, but happy to work on a Portland or other conf too)
* MarkDilley
* Nicole Willson (for things that can be done remotely -- social media, fundraising etc.)
* Stephen LaPorte (especially if in SF)
* Sarah Stierch (in DC until June then in SF, happy to assist in SF or PDX or...) 
* PeterKaminski - based in SF/San Mateo, can only help organize if we end up in SF Bay Area
* John O'Connell - can help w/planning & facilitation in SF
* TiffanyvonEmmel can help with facilitation and organizing if in SF Bay Area
* AnneGoldenberg (could facilitate but would need to find some financial help to come :-)
== Logistics Decisions ==
* Who is the desired group of participants?
** Existing wiki people/advocates?
** People interested in getting started with/understanding wiki?
** Both?
* What is the targeted number of people? (250? )  
The highest number of attendees has been 150, so I don't know if 250 is a realistic goal. It would also depend on what space you can get.
*Make sure we provide accessibility for those who cannot attend: videos, webex, type of opportunities for those who cannot attend in person. 
=== Venues ===
* Portland
** Past venue Portland State University, not so cheap and somewhat remote; amazing place for it to be held the first year 
** Past venue ; )
* Seattle 
** Coworking facilities
*** The Seattle Hub
*** The Easy
** Sodo Showbox
** Adobe
** Google Kirkland
** Microsoft Conference Center
** Seattle Public Library
* San Francisco
*** Hosted WestCoastWikiConrence 2011
*** 100-150 attendees?
*** Spaces for breakout sessions 
** PariSoma:
*** Hosted Mediawiki Hackathon 2012
*** <100 attendees and crowded
*** Only 2 separate rooms, the rest is one big space
*** Hosted Books in Browsers
*** ??? attendees?
*** Large auditorium, unknown other spaces
** Noise Bridge: (very cool space; small)
** UC Hastings
*** A few bigger spaces (small and large auditorium), classrooms
** SF State
*** The main branch is two blocks away from Hastings
*** Erik offered to host the event
* SF- Happiness Institute might hold a smaller group (JOC)
* Presidio and/or Thoreau Center might sponsor and provide space (JOC)
* Ann Arbor
=== Facilities ===
Would it be possible to get a conference space donated in any of these cities in exchange for a sponsorship? It would help defray much of the cost, which would be a big help, since fundraising for RCC has gotten more difficult since the recession hit.
* Very nice Internet, preferably wireless
* Big room that can be re-re-arranged (wiki edited!)
* Easy access (public transit) / Parking
=== Dates ===
Fall? (That way it doesn't conflict with Wikimania and wikiSym) The date for RCC Boston didn't work for a lot of people, although that's what we had to go with  because it was the only day the venue had available, so I think it would be best to go with a venue that has some flexibility in terms of dates and maybe do a survey
* How many days will the event be? - It is usually 3 days -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday but the last time RCC was in Palo Alto (2008) it was a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.
=== Format ===
Past RCCs have been 100% Open Space, with a facilitator guiding the participants in designing the program during the conference. This format is very wiki-like, and provides lots of opportunity for engagement without pre-planning.
A possible variant: preserve Open Space as the primary format, but add some pre-scheduled slots (keynote speaker, evening events, etc.) This could make the event more accessible to a mainstream audience. Announcing specific notable speakers/topics at specific times (better PR in newspapers, blogs, etc.) could provide an easier on-ramp. This format was used successfully at West Coast Wiki Conference.
Another couple of variants on open space are to add ignite style talks, We did this as a series of workshops inside Beaver Barcamp. Additionally, using code sprints in the midst of the openspace worked in the Startup Weekend context and in the Seattle Mindcamp context, as well as Portland RCC 2009.
== Program ideas ==
* What would wiki look like if it was invented today?  Worlds Smallest Federated Wiki
* Invite @WardCunningham to talk about his wiki refactoring (+)
* WikiEvolotion the exploration of WikiVariants
* WikiImpact - Connect with organizations that use wikis and change the world (+2)
** OpenSourceEcology
** OutHistory
** OccupyWiki
** Appropedia
* Is WAGN a WIKI?  Yes (Ward had a nice analogy: [wiki is to word processor as wagn is to database])
* Gender issues in editing wikis (+) 
* Etherpad folks
* Effects of anti-piracy legislation on wikis (+)
* WikiBirthday
* How to provide a truly open wiki for RCC, while still managing issues like spam
* Debrief/planning for next (quarter/year)
* Inclusivity - how do we support one another despite differences in mission, formats and business practice as Wiki people? (+1)
* Wikis and Science - luring data producers into annotating and curating; BioWikis; citizen scientists
* Wikis and video
== People to be sure to invite ==
Who would you think would be sparkplugs for the RCC event?
* WardCunningham
* NancyWhite
* KristenWolff
* JackHerrick
* ClayShirky
* SueGardner
* Wikia staff and community members
* Local Wiki folks
* John Abbe
* Sematic MediaWiki folks
* Corporate/Org Wiki folks (i.e. those who use or create internal Wiki's)
* Federal Wiki folks (i.e. Intellipedia)
* Marc LaPorte and Tiki folks - they have been great at building community
* All Civic Wikis folks
* All Occupy Wiki folks
* Etherpad evangelists
* Wikispaces folks
* Appropedia folks Lonney / Chris
* Free culture enthusiasts
* GLAM - Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums staff/enthusiasts
* people involved in social media other than wikis
* Librarians
* Foodista community
* Open source makers/artists 
* Electronic Frontier Foundation
* Quora Community
* community - music site with a wiki ethos
* Non-English Wiki's - international and in NA
* University tech clubs
* People from art wikis