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Saved Feb 24, 2021
    I think zoos are good for animals because it gives food to animals and prevents animals in danger from dying and this is very important because animals are a good thing for the world and it makes no sense to kill animals that do us no harm. Zoos give a home to all the animals they adopt, so by saving an endangered animal, they take it to a better place than where they were.
     But but there are also conts how animals eat what they are given and not what they want and I think that makes no sense, because animals deserve to eat what they want, which is what they do in the jungle or in their habitat. Another constraint is the fact that animals are trapped in their habitat, which by the way is good but is very small compared to the habitat they would have in the jungle or in their habitat, because deserts, jungles, savannas, caves and forests are immense and pr example a sloth is abituada walking in many trees and in the zoo will probably walk on only one tree.