Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeetingWords?

MeetingWords is a simple text editing program for the web. You can use it right away without any sign-up, and your text is stored on the web so you can access it from any computer. You can also invite other people to type with you. Up to 32 people can type on the same document on the same time!

MeetingWords is intended for real-time collaboration between people. It's not meant for long-term document storage. Pads may be deleted if they haven't been used in more than seven days.

Who made MeetingWords?

The MeetingWords web site was created by Peter Kaminski, with the support of generous volunteers. We like to help people work together in fun and productive ways.

MeetingWords uses the EtherPad Open Source engine, which was created by the brilliant software engineers of AppJet. AppJet was recently acquired by Google, and the engineers have moved on to work on Google Wave.

Do I have to pay to use MeetingWords?

No, you are welcome to use MeetingWords for free.

However, we do have to pay for computers, bandwidth and maintenance. We need some of our users to contribute so we can keep the lights on. Please consider donating a few bucks -- we really appreciate it!

What if I have another question?

You can find more information and help at the MeetingWords Community Support Forums.